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Our mission is to provide enterprise level support to individuals, SOHO and small businesses, and small non-profit organizations. We especially cater to those who don’t have much experience with the web but want and/or need a strong web presence to promote their business, organization, hobby or anything else that comes to mind. We do this by working with you to build a web presence allowing you to stand out from the crowd with a unique and positive look that will attract and keep new business.

We have been providing clients with “Their Web, Their Way” since 2003 and our desire is to continue that tradition utilizing current technologies and social media as effectively as possible.

How can we help you succeed?

Principal Developer and Server Admin
Heather Feuerhelm has an extensive background in office management, desktop publishing, multimedia and website design, and web hosting. Her passion is making connections to create personalized service and support for each client.

Our Team
Our team includes a specialist web designer, a performance analyst, and specialist business development advisors from not-for-profit and small business sectors.

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